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Revelation Unlocked

Heaven's Clock

There is an imaginary clocklike circle in the heavens which now comes down to us as we, at this time, have more accurate representations of our night skies. Chapter 4 of the 'Book of Revelation' describes a throne that was set in heaven. I believe this throne to be on the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' circle of the ages of time. It makes one complete revolution in 25,872 years. I have also used the color wheel of our art world to represent the 24 elders around this throne, each lasting for 1,078 years. We are now in the lime color or hue of this spectrum headed toward the yellow and then gold. Chapter 4 describes the rainbow as being emerald in sight during the time it was written. I have divided the imaginary clock circle into 4 sections as I used the brightest northern pole star of 'Vega' to make up the 'b' quadrant of the L-i-on/L-am-'b'. This northern pole star was closest to this circle at around 12,500 B.C. and shall be again at around 13,372 A.D. There are 4 great beasts which are actually quadrants of stars described as eyes around the circle that also make up this throne. There are the 4 horses with each one representing one of the 4 quadrants. The white horse is in the yellow/gold sector, then the red, then the black is where the purple and blue is on the color wheel, and finally the pale is in the green section. I also divided this circle into 7 sections using the 7 churchs or lampstands as markers. The temple of heaven is of the 'Cepheus' constellation (also called the 'King'). There are 7 Spirits or North Stars that are around the throne. These are 7 northern Pole Stars namely Alderamin', 'Deneb', 'Vega', Thuban', 'Kochab', our north star of our day 'Polaris', and 'Errai/Alrai', which will be the North Star at around 3,700 A.D. It is after this, at around 6,072 A.D., that a large asteroid hits into one of the seas as a Great wounding. We are then taken around this timeclock at least 2 more times as the 7 plagues are unleashed ending at the second death, which is Yellowstone expoding. With these writings I am hoping to bring some type of connection to all the differing beliefs in our world and a more unified and peaceful future for all of mankind. Many myths, religions and cultures have developed based on this circle of ages of the zodiac as it is divided into the 12 sections.